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Together Abroad

Together Abroad
Together Abroad Jobboard: Career portal for multilingual professionals in the Netherlands!
Everything about employment in the Holland: latest multilinqual jobs and interim assignments, trainings, international companies and recruitment agencies, career coaches and much more!!!

Together Abroad is a vertically organised portal – which means that in their very specific niche market – internationaland employment and career development – they provide information and services from A to Z. It is a three dimensional approach to recruitment in which they have thought of and considered not only the core of their business – employment, but also everything that allows that to happen. Supply and demand are comprehensively brought together in this unique portal.

Together Abroad is a business, a portal which is geared towards helping individuals identify the correct path for themselves, be that a candidate or a particular enterprise. As a starting point the most obvious are job listings, beyond that though Together Abroad offers a variety of services, opportunities and answers tailored to the specific needs of international employees as well as employers. Not all of which are quite so obvious.
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